Southwest Missouri's Family Conflict Resolution Center

What to Expect

what-to-expect1Both parties will meet with an impartial certified family law mediator who will help both of you clarify your needs and goals on paper while focusing on the present and future in an atmosphere that fosters respect, integrity and privacy.   We will then provide referrals, when needed, to attorneys and other professionals who will honor your mediated agreement and your desire for lower costs and faster results.

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Mediation is useful in the following areas:

  • paternity/unmarried parenting
  • divorce
  • child custody
  • contact/visitation
  • customized parenting plans
  • child support
  • legal separation
  • informal separation
  • pre-nuptial plans
  • modification of parenting plans
  • modification of child support
  • estate planning
  • nursing home care
  • nursing home contracts
  • alternative lifestyles
  • unmarried cohabitation
  • elder care
  • delinquent payments
  • service contracts
  • healthcare/medical care bill disputes
  • insurance matters
  • workplace
  • small business disputes
  • partnership